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Both in Canada as well as the United States, a petroleum landman or a landman is someone who does various services for companies that do oil and gas exploration. And according to AAPL or the American Association of Professional Landmen, these services can be anything from negotiating business agreements that are providing for exploration and/or development of minerals, negotiating for divestiture or acquisition of mineral rights, determining the ownership in minerals via research of private and public records, curing title defects, reviewing the status of title and otherwise reduce title risks that are associated with the ownership of minerals.


And because of the reason that these services being offered by a landman to oil and gas exploration companies and several other businesses are different from one to the other, it is not uncommon for these landmen to have a specialization in different aspects of their profession. Whether you believe it or not, the phrase Landman and nuances are applicable to women who practice land management profession although, most of the practitioners are men.


There are many industries aside from the petroleum industry that normally require the skills, experience and expertise of landman broker and among these industries is wind industry. The truth is, wind development is demanding to find surface sites for its turbines, determine the surface ownership, negotiate with lease agreement and several others are the duties to be fulfilled by a petroleum landman.


From power, transportation, telecommunication and even pipeline projects, linear in nature are usually ROW or Right of Way projects are being staffed by ROW agents. The terms landman brokers as well as Right of Way agents are being used interchangeably but, their duties are totally different from each. Most of the time, landmen deal with specific projects only like drill sites and leases but ROW agents are often involved in easement conveyance and work with linear corridor projects.


A degree is not usually a necessity for someone who wants to become a landman though, this is going to favor them for their job application. There are several universities that are offering petroleum land management degree and whether you believe it or not, the biggest and the first petroleum management program was offered at University of Oklahoma back in 1958.


As for those who wish to land a job in such without getting a degree, they may consider going to county courthouse and talk to the researchers in Records Room or Recorder's Office.